Verdant Landscape & Construction, Inc.

Verdant Landscape & Construction, Inc.
Bring your outdoor space to life; At Verdant Landscape & Construction, we pay very close attention to detail and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We want to give you exactly what you envision for your property. With over 30 years of experience, we’re a company you can rely on. We look forward to making your dreams a reality!

Our hardscape installation services include fire pit installation, outdoor kitchens, fire features, patio installation, seating walls, retaining walls, arbors, and pergolas. Rest assured that with Verdant Landscape, our landscape architects consider all aspects of your property, from site planning, soil quality, and storm-water management to recreational planning and landscape design that integrates hard (built) and soft (planted) surfaces.

Ultimately, we want you to be happy and be able to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. As such, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations! Contact us today for all your paver patio services in Pawleys Island.

Robert Steuer, ASLA

Our Paver Patios Process:

Installation of paver patios and walks begins with the design (which we can take care of for you! Visit our Landscape Design page for more information). Once we have the design, we begin the process of applying that design to your property.

The initial first step is demolition, if necessary. This involves the killing of existing weeds, removal of unwanted and dead plant material, and removal of hardscape or irrigation. Following that, our team performs any necessary grading to the site, including the removal or addition of soil and the contouring of the site to create the appropriate “lay of the land.” We do all this while paying very close attention to proper drainage.

Next, we begin preparation to install the pavers. Our team installs all the necessary sleeves under the hardscape while paying very close attention to detail, which ensures that future irrigation, lighting, and miscellaneous electrical systems can be installed at a later date.

The most critical aspect of the entire process is the installation of the base material. We use Limestone Structural Fill to create a proper foundation for the pavers. Getting this step right is the key to not only a smooth and beautiful patio or sidewalk but also ensures that your pavers will function as designed for a lifetime. We use lasers, string lines, and measuring tapes to create a perfectly smooth foundation that is sloped just enough to ensure proper drainage during rain events. We use gas-powered, vibrating compactors to ensure a rock-solid foundation. Finally, we use ‘screeding poles’ across the top, which allow us to finish the base with a perfectly smooth top.

Next, we lay the pavers in place using one or more of the multiple patterns available. We pay close attention to creating a paving system that is not only functional but is a work of art built by craftsmen that know the difference! We use ‘Old World’ building techniques such as bordering the pavers with “Soldier Course Headers,” well-designed steps that flow easily from one level to the next, and tightly laid pavers. Header courses on curves are constructed by cutting each individual brick into a ‘pie’ shape pattern to ensure a beautiful curve with no large gaps.

The final step is to install polymeric sand in between the pavers. This is a special silica sand that contains additives, which is swept into the cracks between the pavers, and then watered in with a hose. Once wet, the silica sand combines with the additives that dry into a hard, mortar-like compound. Not only is this a beautiful ‘finishing touch,’ but it locks the pavers together and prevents dirt and trash from working their way into the cracks. At the end of this process, you’re left with the beautiful paver patio you desired.


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STEP 1: Fill out our online form or call us.



STEP 2: We set up an appointment time with you – usually within a week after we hear from you. This appointment involves a discussion of your needs and expectations.



STEP 3: We give an estimate based on your property and the scope of work. We then schedule the work, bill you for 40% of the work, complete the job, and bill you for the rest upon completion. You can make payments via cash or check.

Our Guarantee to You

Our Guarantee to You
We want you to be so happy with our services that you recommend us to your friends and neighbors. If there is anything at all that you are not satisfied with, let us know right away. Your complete satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. As such, we will always work with you to solve any problems that may arise.

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